Impact Philippines has come up with a great acronym for IMPACT to describe their strategic plan. Great stuff!


I – Incarnate the Gospel. The one called to minister to the community must have experienced the transformational power of the Triune God in his or her life and possesses spiritual and emotional readiness to commit to a calling to the communities.

M – Make partners. Partner through the local church and engage the community leaders and people of influence in the community. The local partners know the context and the culture of the community. Engaging the leaders is empowering them.

P – Plan for the future. Plans must be contextualized for sustainability and closure. Plans consider the uniqueness of the partner-community and develop programs that are appropriate to the distinctiveness of that community.

A – Act on the plans. The blueprint or the road map to the future must be implemented, monitored and allowed to run its full course. Programs that have been prayerfully and carefully made shall be the structure upon which all activities and projects will be allowed to take shape.

C – Check on the spiritual compass constantly. Anticipate change. Respond and not react. Directions must continue to be charted on the basis of biblical and godly principles that uphold integrity.

T – Transform the community with the incarnation of the Gospel in the life and experience of its people. Each partnership endeavour is aimed towards the incarnation of the Gospel in the lives of the people in the community.