Privacy Policy


International Teams values and honors the privacy of its financial partners by establishing an environment of trust and safety. Information about donors and prospective donors, including names and addresses, credit card information, beneficiaries, gifts amounts, and estate information, is kept strictly confidential by all authorized International Teams personnel (staff and volunteers), unless permission is obtained in writing from the donor to release such information. Such information shall be recorded and retained only for the private, business use of the organization.

International Teams seeks to maintain appropriate measures to ensure the security of donor information – including the use of locked files, computer passwords, and by the regular shredding and disposal of unessential printed donor records.

All ministry and remote field offices of International Teams strive to follow these same guidelines, including security of laptop and handheld computers. Names acquired through the Internet, or other public domains, are also protected from unsecured Web Sites, including addresses, telephone, faxes, email addresses, credit card data, other personal information and dossier files.