iTeams Canada Advocates go the extra mile- they are donors, fundraisers, and impact team members who believe everyone has an active part to play in bringing an end to poverty. They embody what we mean when we say, "We are not okay until we're all okay".

Current Fundraisers

Our advocates know that fundraising is an integral part of supporting the work of our implementing communities. Check out the campaigns they're running right now:

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Introducing our Advocacy Learning Hub.

You are investing with us, so let us invest back into you. We have begun developing learning resources exclusively for our advocates to strengthen their advocacy, faith, and character. Are you an advocate interested in expanding your toolbox?

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Power, Poverty & Privilege

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A dynamic 10-week video-based learning journey designed with individual and group learning elements geared toward Christians seeking to serve justly in local and international contexts.

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Become an Advocate

iTeams Canada Program Advocates keep up with our Impact Program updates, come up with amazing fundraising campaigns, and share about the incredible work their favourite Impact Program is doing to anyone who will listen. To equip our advocates, we provide them with training, support, opportunities to connect with the communities they advocate for, as well as other iTeams advocates.

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