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This likely isn't your first time hearing this news but the situation in Haiti has been critical for much of this year: rising COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, as well as gang violence make life unsafe for thousands of people. In July, an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude struck southwest Haiti, just a week after the assassination of the country’s president.

The local Program Leader for Impact Haiti, told us this summer, "The hospital is saturated, many people are lying dead in the street, there are many injuries. The situation requires urgent evaluation and assistance. Impact Haiti cries out for help from our network."

With Haiti's gang violence and political turmoil impeding an organized national response, relief responses from local leaders were even more urgent. The local leaders at Impact Haiti quickly launched a coordinated effort to bring relief for those most desperately in need.

Impact Haiti's focus on training Haitian leaders gives them a unique perspective on how to help vulnerable members of their community. Their long-term presence in many Haitian communities means they could quickly determine who needed urgent help and how best to help them. This kind of crisis relief is only possible thanks to members of our Pulse monthly giving community.

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When you join Pulse today your gift will be matched for the first three months. This means that each dollar given before November 30 will be tripled. Every donation helps care for vulnerable people around the globe during their times of greatest need, from national disasters and political turmoil to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Will you join Pulse today and join the collective heartbeat of transformation?

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