Impact Canada

Unites Canadian congregations to equip, train and coach each other, sharing in God's transformational calling.

Impact Canada partners with churches in Canada to develop networks that work together for the good of their own cities and communities.

Who We Help:

Impact Canada works with churches and church leaders to help Canadians bring transformation to their own cities.

Impact Canada grew out of a desire and a need to respond to the growing number of requests that TrueCity Hamilton (our first network of churches) has received to share lessons learned over the past 14 years on how to collaboratively engage the vision of being “churches together for the good of the city” in Hamilton.

In June 2017, iTeams Canada began to pilot a “Missional Network Support Project” to explore the possibility of resourcing other missional church networks beyond TrueCity in Hamilton. Through our partnership in Hamilton, iTeams has developed skills and gained experience needed to coach and empower other leaders to develop missional networks in their contexts. We continue to work together to see networks of churches coming together as the body of Christ for the good of their specific geographic location, uniting together around a common sense of mission.

We help churches embrace each other—to see and find each other and learn to build trust.  We help equip churches with discipleship training that enables people to join God in what He is doing or wishes to do in their place. We also help churches engage their context—to see what areas of mission exist or what areas God is opening up and how churches may collaborate to have impact there. This program continues to serve the network in Hamilton, while seeking to catalyze networks in other cities, beginning with Fergus/Elora, Simcoe, and Dunnville.

Your gift will help churches work together on projects in their community and city!