Impact Dominican Republic

Brings education, water sanitation, meals and vocational training to people in Villa Altagracia, a city with poor infrastructure and scarce opportunity.

Impact Dominican Republic partners with Lighthouse Projects to provide clean drinking water, a primary school, a high school, and a vocational training centre for a community with few opportunities to to receive an education.

Who We Help:

Impact Dominican Republic helps two marginalized communities that have limited infrastructure and access to education.

Impact Dominican Republic has been working in Los Alcarrizos to provide education, clean water, and hope to people in this growing city for many years. The work in Los Alcarrizos has had a huge impact and now we are expanding these projects to the community of Villa Altagracia.

The first step towards this long-term transformational change in Villa Altagracia is a water purification plant that provides clean drinking water to this community. Together with Lighthouse Projects we are constructing a facility that will provide safe and clean drinking water to 47,000 people every day!
Your gift will help provide clean drinking water, education, and food for children in the Dominican Republic!
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