Impact Uganda

Reunites children living on the street with their families, trains pastors in church leadership, and works alongside a local church and school so entire communities across Uganda are transformed.

Over 50% of children who walk through the doors of Jinja Connection are reconnected with their families or find their forever home. Every pastor that is trained can increase their reach and impact within their church and community. And over 360 children in Kitigoma receive quality schooling and daily meals.

Who We Help:

Impact Uganda helps local leadership in Jinja and Kitigoma reunite children with their families, provide quality education, give daily meals to students, train pastors and provide local support to the vulnerable members in communities across Uganda.

iTeams Canada partners with Jinja Connection to provide quality education, medical care, and counselling to street-connected children with the goal of bringing them back into relationship with their families and relatives. Patrick Opendu leads Jinja Connection and is passionate about seeing communities and families across Uganda become places where children are running towards instead of away from. Impact Uganda also supports pastoral training in Kampala and Kasese, this training is specifically for underresourced pastors to gain the knowledge and skills needed to increase the impact their local church can have in its own neighbourhood.  

iTeams Canada partners with Embrace Uganda, a local community-based organization, that provides holistic development and education to vulnerable individuals in Kitigoma. This is completed directly through Kitigoma Community Church and God’s Gift School. Kitigoma Community Church provides support to the surrounding community through medical clinics, outreach activities and a place to worship together. God’s Gift School provides quality education and nutritious meals to over 360 children from kindergarten through the end of elementary school. Under the leadership of Pastor Godfrey Munage, Justine Mukalazi and Shadrach Wanjala, this church and school are transforming the community of Kitigoma into a place characterized by dignity, justice, peace and hope.
Giving to Jinja Connection, you support work aiding vulnerable street children, and help to build up strong Christian pastors to transform their own communities. Giving to Embrace Uganda supports the whole community of Kitigoma through both the local church and God’s Gift School.
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