Impact Kenya-Shangilia

Meets the basic needs of orphaned or abandoned children: shelter, clothing and medical care and also pays for school fees and educational resources needed for brighter futures.

Impact Kenya-Shangilia provides educational opportunities and basic necessities to over 60 vulnerable children every year.

Who We Help:

Impact Kenya-Shangilia is meeting the basic needs of shelter, clothing, food, and medical care for orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya, as well as providing brighter futures and opportunities for these children through education.

At Shangilia Children’s Home we emphasize the importance of education as a step towards independence and self-sufficiency, and ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty. School fees, uniforms, books, and other educational resources are a large portion of ongoing costs for children to receive elementary and secondary education. Shangilia means Joy in Swahili and children here are able to live joyfully through the many games, birthday parties, and songs that are sung here.

Almost half of the children at Shangilia Children’s Home are above the age of thirteen. Another project to ensure that these children lead full and successful lives after leaving the home is called Fanikiwa. Fanikiwa means to be successful in Swahili and this project helps to get graduates of the children’s home set up to live a full and prosperous life through mentorship, entrepreneurial training, post-secondary education, and financial guidance.


By supporting Impact Kenya-Shangilia you help to bring joy and success to orphaned and abandoned children in Western Kenya.
Impact Kenya-Shangilia

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