Discover "Rebeca's Story: A Young Girl's Journey Escaping Early Childhood Marriage"

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Discover the untold story of Rebeca, a young girl in South Sudan, whose life was forever changed by early childhood marriage

This compelling eBook unveils the harsh realities and resilience of girls like Rebeca, who confront life-altering challenges at a tender age. In this FREE ebook, you'll get to read about:

  • Rebeca's story through South Sudan to Juba
  • The long nights hiding while in Juba
  • Her life now in Uganda (spoiler this story has a happy ending!)

Through Rebeca's eyes, you'll experience the journey of escape, hope, and transformation. Her story is not just about survival; it's about the power of courage and change.
Join us in a journey that goes beyond statistics and into the heart of a critical global issue

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"Unfortunately, Rebeca's story isn't unique. But despite that, her story is a reason to give us hope. Thousands of girls just like her seek freedom to follow their God-given aspirations and understanding the issue helps us ensure we don't forget about them."

- Helen Murshali, Local Leader in South Sudan.