Do you care about international causes? Is it important to you that in your lifetime issues like global hunger, child trafficking and gender inequality are ended?

Here at iTeams we believe that we are not okay, until we are all okay.

3 International  Myths You Should Stop Believing is a 3-part mini course that will test your knowledge about child homelessness, vocational training. and philanthropy, and introduce you to real, local iTeams Canada leaders whose work to end poverty in their communities is busting myths every day. You'll get to learn from:
  • Ugandan Social Workers
  • Fundraising leaders in Romania
  • Local female carpenters in Burkina Faso

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What our team has to say:

"This myth-busting journey is life-long, and there is still much we at iTeams have to learn (and unlearn). Still, we hope that the lessons we've learned thus far from the innovative work of our local leaders challenge you to investigate your own lingering assumptions and biases about international development work, and makes you hopeful for a future without poverty."
- Sheila Brewster

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