"A safe place to sleep" — Mary Louise's story

"A safe place to sleep" — Mary Louise's story
February 23, 2022

The devastation of the August 14 earthquake in Haiti was widespread. As many as 53,000 families lost their homes, making them even more vulnerable during a time of uncertainty in the country due to gang violence, political upheaval, and COVID-19. Women especially are at risk without a safe place to sleep.

Impact Haiti has been hard at work, helping to build houses for 20 of these families in the South of the country. Each of the 20 houses will be a small two-bedroom home constructed to withstand future earthquakes.

Marie Louse is one of the women who will receive a new home. She shared a bit of her story:

"I am happy this morning because my house collapsed on August 14 during the earthquake. [The earthquake] gave me a lot of trouble because I did not see the means to rebuild my house. Now I am happy to see that I will have a beautiful and solid house! Many materials are already in and stored. Thank you so much for finding a way to build a house.

Before, I walked a long way to sleep. Now, soon God will give me a place to sleep. I thank you very much. When I see the materials start to unload, the song will start, and when I see myself in the house, I will be even happier!"

Thank you for everything you've done to make this possible. Mary Louise is just one of many women who will have a safe place to sleep. She's singing a song of joy, and so are we

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