Autumn News from CFPC

Autumn News from CFPC
October 24, 2021

Even though September is only 4 months from the end of the year, the return to school always seems like a new start. This year at CFPC it will really feel like a new start for the instructors as all of our students from the past year have graduated.

Near the end of June all the students took their government exams, a stressful week of in class exams and practical evaluation. We are pleased to announce that all of our students passed. Two of our woodworking students placed first and second in the whole district and one of our welding students took top place in the district.

As usual our instructors should be congratulated for their hard work which contributes to the success of their students. The students' success has helped open the door for better dialogue between Victorien and the village chef. The students from Nabrabogo that go to other schools in our area did very poorly this year with most of them failing on their exams. This has led to discussions on how we at CFPC can assist students in the village who are not attending CFPC. As there is no hydro in the village except at CFPC and the sun sets early, it is very difficult for the students to do their homework and study. One possibility is allowing the students from the village to take advantage of the hydro at the centre and come in the evening to study.

Recruitment for new students was held August 30. This year it was decided that we would finally open the programs to young women after a successful short term project in Yako that included them. Victorien had hoped for a total of 12 girls, 4 per program. When we last talked he said that they had a total of 4 girls.

Phase 1 of our online fundraiser was very successful: we were able to raise all the funds necessary for the government exams, tool boxes for the graduating students, and graduation. It was so successful that we were even able to start on phase 2 of our fundraiser.  Phase 2 and 3 of the fundraiser are for funds to finish the masonry building. We were able to send money in August to put the roof on the masonry building and the students completed the work before graduation.

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