Behind the Scenes at Village of Hope

Behind the Scenes at Village of Hope
October 24, 2021

At Village of Hope, we are thankful for the start of a new school year! On Saturday October 2, the Village of Hope compound began to burst with children's voices as the students arrived. Some came by bus and some were dropped off by their parents. After the summer holidays, we are grateful to be able to start our school year. The teachers, staff, and the new primary school director have worked hard to prepare for the students and we can't wait for what God has planned this year.

At the primary school, we have 338 students this school year. Among them, 39 students were recruited from families displaced by the ongoing violence in the northern regions of Burkina Faso. We want to ensure that children who otherwise would have no access to education receive that opportunity at Village of Hope.

As we start our new school year, please pray for the students as they settle into their studies, for the staff as they teach and lead the youth, and for the health of all on our compound.

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