Education In the Nuba Mountains

Education In the Nuba Mountains
May 25, 2021

Our partners at Emmanuel Christian College developed a blended learning model that allowed them to continue providing formal education during a time when lockdowns were majorly impacting the education of young people in South Sudan. They worked with local authorities to follow health protocols and did everything they could to ensure that their students could successfully complete their courses.

By the end of 2020, ECC had over 80 graduates, many of whom come from the Nuba Mountains, an isolated area that has been a key battleground in the 30-year conflict between Sudan and South Sudan.

Up until the year 2000, the Nuba Mountains had no educational system and only a handful of people knew how to read. Elias, Sadig, and Frauen were among the first children to receive an education. They headed to grade one around the age of 12! They were among my first students and graduated from ECC in 2014.

These three friends knew that their future could be more than becoming a soldier. God opened their eyes and mind to the strength and change they could bring to their communities through education. They have now started an all girls secondary school in their Nuba Mountain community.

Your support makes milestones like this possible! Teachers are being equipped to change their own communities through education, even in remote locations like the Nuba Mountains. Thank you for believing in our partners at ECC!

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