Esther's Adventure in Education

Esther's Adventure in Education
Abby O'Neill
February 4, 2021

Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) is a project of Impact South Sudan that provides vulnerable children with educational opportunities, life skills, and a loving home where their basic needs are met. Esther is a young woman who has been a part of the CCC family since 2008. While living in a camp for internally displaced people in her home country of South Sudan, she met a woman named Cathy who offered her an opportunity to begin attending school through CCC.

With courage and humility, Esther is overcoming obstacles - embracing her educational opportunities!

In an interview in 2013, Esther said, “My dream for my future is that one day I want to become a doctor because I admire doctors and because I feel like my country needs a lot of doctors.” That same year, when the conflict broke out in South Sudan and it was no longer safe for Esther to stay in the capital city of Juba, she went to Uganda. She was registered as a refugee and Cathy enrolled her in a boarding school, where she performed very well. Esther loved going to school and learning everyday and CCC continued to support her throughout her primary and secondary education.

Today, Esther is studying life sciences at the University of Toronto through World University Services Canada, which offers sponsorships to refugee students to study in Canada. Although she is still deciding what direction she wants to go with her education, she is so excited to have the amazing opportunity to begin her postsecondary studies in Canada!

Esther is an inspiration to many other young people who have hopes and dreams of getting an education and building a better life for themselves, their family, and their country. Esther’s advice to other young people is to surround yourself with positive people and never give up because anything is possible. There are many important people in her life who encouraged her when she doubted herself and motivated her to keep pushing herself and moving forward. Esther said “I have had the privilege of having positive people around me so that really helped me. I don’t know how it would have been if I was just on my own and if I hadn’t met CCC, if I hadn’t met Cathy ... but I really thank God because of the people around me, they have really been kind of like my springboard to dive deeper into life.”

By donating today, you can be a part of the springboard for students around the world, supporting them as they pursue their education and achieve their dreams for a better future!

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