International Women's Day SEE YOUR IMPACT!

International Women's Day SEE YOUR IMPACT!
Abby O'Neill
March 8, 2021

Thank you for your generous donation!

On this International Women's Day, your generosity along with other like you brings transformation. Here is Sheila's story.

Sheila was a part of the first Impact Zambia Counselling Skills class and was able to find employment and rise in her responsibilities. She now helps translate and teach the Palliative Care classes, which have grown into a thriving support network of 26 support groups caring for 760 people and their families. Sheila also educates the community and rural areas about HIV/AIDS. She was recently able to buy property and build a home. Not only has Sheila’s life been transformed by Impact Zambia, but she has also been able to transform the lives of her community and continues to be a source of growth and healing for many people.

More Impact Statistics from 2020:

  • 174 girls were able to attend school through Impact Burkina Faso Village of Hope
  • 115 girls attended school through Impact Kenya PACE
  • 144 girls attended school through Impact Uganda Kitigoma

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