Finding His Purpose Step By Step - Emil's Story

Finding His Purpose Step By Step - Emil's Story
January 19, 2022

Impact Romania works with Pas Cu Pas (Step by Step) to transform the lives of institutionalized orphans in Romania. Together, they support orphans through weekly visits, mentorship, and gathering together at the family farm for an opportunity to play outside, share meals, learn practical skills, and grow as a community.

One of the most remarkable changes in the past number of months and years has been to see the way that the Romanian community has become involved in this work. Romanian churches have stepped up to partner with Pas Cu Pas, volunteers have come forward to mentor children, and many young adults who grew up as orphans in the program have returned as staff or volunteers.

Emil first came in contact with Impact Romania when he was 7 years old during a monthly visit by staff and volunteers to his orphanage. After approximately 12 years of participation and engagement with the work of Impact Romania, Emil began to volunteer and was very committed to helping in whatever way he could. Emil now works at the Family Farm and ensures that the property is well taken care of and prepared for its many visitors. Emil has seen his own life transformed into one where he has a clear purpose, passion, and a true place to call home. He wants to give back to the community that gave so much to him.

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