Floods and chickens and WhatsApp, oh my!

Floods and chickens and WhatsApp, oh my!
May 15, 2021

You may know that 220 households from Impact Zambia churches were impacted by floods in late winter. With the support of our donors and churches, we were able to support families with essentials such as corn meal and basic meal supplies to survive after losing their crops and — in some cases — their homes.

We restarted the poultry project! This is a project that was originally started with the Revolving fund seed money but then abandoned. Another person then provided a generous donation to complete the startup and there are now three members running it. A portion of the proceeds will be for the entrepreneurs, while another portion will be towards those in need, such as the aged, orphans, widows, and the critically ill, as well as operational running costs of the church.

Virtual training continued online via the Life Impact Training Centre! Not having the ability to visit Zambia did not deter Impact Zambia volunteers from continuing with training through the use of Zoom, Google Classroom, and WhatsApp.

Last year they led a Psychology 101 course, and this year Bonnie arranged for an Aboriginal Narrative Practice course with a certification option. Although the interest is there to do these courses, the lack of practical tools such as tablets and data for the internet have been a big stumbling block. But despite these obstacles, the group stays in touch through WhatsApp. (Special thanks to Chaplain Bonnie Borchardt, Dr. Rosanne Field, and retired Reverend Allan Studd.)

The work of Impact Zambia continues in spite of the global pandemic. I find these stories so encouraging and I hope they encourage you too! We are so grateful for your support.

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