"God Is With Us" in La Pinada

"God Is With Us" in La Pinada
May 1, 2021

Last year was extremely difficult for the community of La Pinada. Hilmar says that God is with his community, even though it has been hit hard with Covid. He's grateful for the opportunity to provide food, masks, and medicine for many people. He was able to maintain existing relationships and even build some new ones.

One of the newer relationships is with a family who moved to the community two years ago to live in one of the houses built by Senderos de Luz. The father works at a local bank, the mother sells clothing and paintings, and the three kids go to the feeding program when it is open (it is currently on hiatus due to Covid). Hilmar visits them regularly at home.

Since they have started attending the program, he has seen a difference in the family: they are much healthier and happier. The kids who participate in the feeding program are given vitamins, and brush their teeth before they eat lunch, both of which have been positive steps towards learning how to take good care of themselves. The mom of the family has recently started nursing school, with tuition assistance provided by Impact Guatemala! Hilmar is encouraged by the positive changes he has seen in this family, and I hope you're encouraged too.

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