Good News for Zambian Pastors

Good News for Zambian Pastors
April 29, 2021

Last year was a hard year for the pastors we work with in Zambia. With your support, we were able to visit the churches affiliated with Impact Zambia — 30 churches spread over 6 provinces! The churches were hit hard by the famine but I'm relieved and grateful to share that our people survived.

We were also able to support an employment opportunity for one of our pastors. Emmanuel attended our carpentry skills session at the training centre and afterward was able to open his own workshop! He makes wooden beds, chairs, tables, and other products, including the doors for Daniel and Florence's new house. With his new income, Emmanuel is now able to send his children to school. He has already employed one other person, and this is also helping the larger community, since people don't need to travel as far to get these products. Emmanuel even offers financing options to make payments easier for the community.

Emmanuel shared his joy about this new opportunity, saying: "God is helping us. We are able now to make a lot of things, which the whole community is benefitting from."

Thank you for making it possible for pastors like Emmanuel change their communities for the next generation!

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