Haiti in Crisis: Earthquake Relief

Haiti in Crisis: Earthquake Relief
August 16, 2021

On Saturday morning, an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude struck southwest Haiti.

Enel Angervil, the local Program Leader for Impact Haiti, told us, "The hospital is saturated, many people are lying dead in the street, there are many injuries. The situation requires urgent evaluation and assistance. Impact Haiti cries out for help from our network."

At least 1,300 people have been confirmed dead, and 2,800 injured as a result of the earthquake in Haiti. The damage is devastating and extensive. With Haiti's gang violence and political turmoil impeding an organized national response, relief responses from local leaders will be even more urgent. Enel and his team are already launching a coordinated effort to bring relief for those most desperately in need.

We are so grateful for your support of Impact Haiti, especially during this time of crisis.

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