Haitian Leaders Advocate for Justice & Women's Rights

Haitian Leaders Advocate for Justice & Women's Rights
May 1, 2021

Impact Haiti aims to educate pastors and leaders to promote children’s rights, women’s rights, environmental well-being, and economic justice in their churches and communities.

Earlier this year they partnered with 18 churches and 4 organizations to offer workshops on International Women’s Day. Over 900 people attended these training sessions where they learned about the value, rights, opportunities, skills, and knowledge of women through song, dance, and discussion. They also hosted a fair with a variety of products made by women in the community to showcase their talents and demonstrate the unique contributions of women to society.

One of the coordinators of the workshops said, “Many organizations that used to organize activities in honor of women were not able to do so this year. And yet, in this period of crisis, women are still suffering from all kinds of violence. I received a lot of positive feedback from people in the various groups. The topics, the choreography, and the dances were motivating factors for people to give better treatment to women and girls.”

Workshops like this allow an opportunity for our partners at Impact Haiti to make the greatest impact by training leaders who will then share this knowledge with their own communities.

Join us in supporting churches and leaders around the world as they continue to advocate for justice and share their knowledge with others to transform lives!

“We believe that in order to change the world, you need to change the leaders” - Enel Angervil, Impact Haiti Program Leader

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