Virtual Learning for Vulnerable Students

Virtual Learning for Vulnerable Students
Abby O'Neill
January 30, 2021

Our partners at the Lighthouse School in the Dominican Republic have been working hard to provide virtual learning for their students. Every day the teachers and staff go into the school to connect with the students online and put together homework packages for the students to pick up and complete. Local leaders have also been working with the government to install hot spots throughout the community so that families can easily access the internet from their homes. Teachers, students, and parents have shared positive feedback about this new learning model, which has been made easier thanks to the generous support of so many donors. After a successful fundraising campaign, Lighthouse staff were able to purchase over 70 tablets for their students so that they can all continue accessing education from home!

Thank you for your donation today, ensuring that students around the world can continue to access a quality education and dream of a bright future.

Check out this video to see how the teachers from Impact Dominican Republic have adapted to offer virtual learning for their students!

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