Kids Are Thriving At Shangilia Children's Home

Kids Are Thriving At Shangilia Children's Home
May 26, 2021

Program Leaders Francis and Alex shared that when kids arrive at Shangilia Children's Home, you can see their suffering, but it doesn't last forever. "After some time, you see them playing and singing and it brings joy because of the change you see in them. Many of the kids who come to Shangilia don’t feel loved and don’t know who they are — when they are welcomed here and people care for them, they feel loved and special!"

Living at Shangilia Children's Home gives vulnerable kids a chance for a better life not just in Kenya, but far beyond. Francis says, “We believe that Shangilia is a lighthouse in the community and our prayer is that Shangilia becomes a lighthouse for our nation, for Africa, and the whole world.”

Sisters Maureen and Michelle are two kids whose lives have been upended by the global pandemic. Before Covid, they were in home-based care. They ate at Shangilia but would spend the night at their guardian's home. The stay-at-home order meant they had to choose to stay with their guardian or move to Shangilia. Alex and Francis have seen so many positive changes in them since they came to live at the children's home. One of them has become the best dancer at Shangilia. Before Covid, no one had ever seen her dance!

Brothers Charles and Dessy were forced to beg on the streets after their mother passed away and they were left with a blind father who was not able to work or care for them. When Covid started, they had nowhere to go, but now that they live at Shangilia, they are happy and healthy and doing well in school! Impact Kenya-Shangilia is also helping to support their father.

These are just a few of the kids who are thriving in the midst of challenging circumstances. Thanks to your support, Impact Kenya-Shangilia can truly be a lighthouse to their community and beyond.

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