Meet a Village of Hope Graduate

Meet a Village of Hope Graduate
December 7, 2021

Zoungrana Yabre Esther was one of the first children to come to the Village of Hope in 2002, brought to the school by Pastor Michel and Lydia. As a child, Zoungrana constantly battled illness, which kept her at home and out of school.

Zoungrana shared:

"I did not know that people would be interested in me as I had been used to being ignored due to my illness. Over at the Village of Hope, the Lord used Pastor Michel, his wife, and some sponsors in Canada for me to be treated and to be healed.

I was able to be treated and also to be educated academically and spiritually. In 2009, I passed my primary school exam and went to high school. I passed high school in 2018, after a few years away from school due to continued illness. In 2020, I started medical secretary studies. In 2021, I graduated from my medical secretary studies institution and now, I am working as a medical secretary in a Christian medical centre.

I am a living testimony as you can see. I am grateful to God for not allowing me to die when I was a child. My prayers are that God blesses all the sponsors and partners of iTeams, because the Lord has used you to bless me, and Village of Hope, as many kids like me need help at VoH."

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