Meet the new VOH Primary School Director

Meet the new VOH Primary School Director
March 1, 2022

School is in full swing at Impact Burkina Faso — Village of Hope. There continues to be uncertainty as the government re-establishes itself after the military coup in January, but we are thankful that so far it’s been peaceful.

Pastor John Baptist Sebgo is the new primary school director, who started working at Village of Hope last year. He’s a father of three children, with a passion for serving children and walking alongside youth on their journeys. He has brought a lot of creativity and new ideas to the school and there is excitement around the expertise and passion he brings.

The staff at Village of Hope are noticing that a lot of the children, especially those coming from the northern and eastern areas of Burkina Faso, who have experienced violence and been forced to flee from their homes, are having trouble processing some of trauma. The school director is focusing on training the staff in trauma support, so that the staff will be better equipped to counsel and care for the children.

Lastly, another exciting class that has started at Village of Hope is farming! Once a week the classes take turns going to a local farm, to learn about farming and animal care.

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