Praying Together in the Wilderness

Praying Together in the Wilderness
March 4, 2021

Creative prayer space has always been an integral part of our annual TrueCity conference. For the past decade, the Greater Ontario House of Prayer (GOHOP) has partnered with TrueCity (a ministry of Impact Canada) to run 24/7 prayer rooms to help us pray together for our city. This year’s pandemic-induced wilderness season has forced us to explore new ways of engaging this practice, and we are excited about the creative, accessible opportunities that have emerged. We invite you to consider these opportunities and see how God leads you to join in.  

Praying the Hours

Following the Monastic tradition, we will be ‘Praying the Hours’. By using Zoom we will offer three set times of prayer daily with Hamilton-specific liturgies written specifically for this initiative.  

Morning Prayer @ 7am    Noon Prayer @ Noon   Compline Prayer @ 9pm

For more information and to find the Zoom links so you can join in these times of prayer together, visit

Neighbourhood Prayer Walks

Prayer Walking is a meaningful way to pray for people and the places we work and live in as we travel slowly on foot. Creative visual prompts have been developed to inspire you to explore your neighbourhood and turn your noticings into prayer. Eight of our TrueCity churches have created specific prayer guides for the different neighbourhoods that they are part of. To access these resources, visit

Conference Highlights

What an amazing weekend we just enjoyed with over 400 people joining together for TrueCity’s first online conference. There were a lot of twists and turns as we prepared and planned for this year, but God orchestrated every detail to fall perfectly into place and we had a beautiful time together as we focussed on the theme “Together in the Wilderness.”  As Tod Bolsinger reminded us, God is always calling us forward. Even after experiencing freedom, we often feel fearful, but we need to be wary of those fears, give witness to the presence of God in our midst, wrap our arms around each other and WADE IN to the things that God is calling us into.

God used the beautiful diversity of original music, the insightful reflections and honest vulnerability of the pastors’ panel on Saturday morning, the joyful fun of our hosts, and the penetrating insights from our speakers Tod Bolsinger (Friday) and Jill Weber (Saturday afternoon) to do this. We came away deeply enriched by the time we had together.

One of the beautiful things about this year’s conference is that everything that happened continues to live on online. If you would like to experience any of the sessions from this year’s conference, or rewatch a part that was particularly meaningful for you, you can find them on our YouTube channel.

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