PULSE: Meet the Women Who Keep VOH Kids Fed!

PULSE: Meet the Women Who Keep VOH Kids Fed!
November 25, 2021

School is in full swing at Village of Hope. The children are in classes, playing soccer, and studying hard. It takes a community to teach, care for, and feed the students at Impact Burkina Faso - Village of Hope and we are so thankful for our dedicated staff team.

We all know that growing children eat a lot! There are four women who serve as the cooks for the 338 children at the primary school: Mary Compore, Sidlawende, Pascaline, and Salamata. Together they ensure that the children and staff are fed well with nourishing food to support their learning and playing.

The kitchen facilities are not high-tech, but they are able to produce hot, flavourful meals each day with fresh ingredients!

Recently, food prices have risen along with the escalating violence across the country. Kids can't learn if they're hungry, so the meals are extremely important for Village of Hope. It's only through the dedication of monthly donors that the primary school's cooks are able to look ahead with confidence that the support will be there as they plan the daily meals. This is only possible thanks to the members of our Pulse monthly giving community.

When you join Pulse today your gift will be matched for the first three months. This means that each dollar given before November 30 will be tripled! Every donation helps to educate, care for, and feed the children at the Village. Will you join Pulse today and join the collective heartbeat of transformation?

We're so thankful for every gift, but monthly donations play a special role in ensuring these kids can be taught and fed without interruption, even in times of crisis. Mary Compore, Sidlawende, Pascaline, and Salamata know how to stretch every dollar to feed the 338 kids in their care, but they rely on us to make sure those dollars are there when they need them. Will you help?

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