PULSE: You Can Help Keep Davis and Arnold In School

PULSE: You Can Help Keep Davis and Arnold In School
November 4, 2021

Every morning, Davis and Arnold waved goodbye to their mother before walking the dusty streets of Jinja, Uganda. But these two young brothers weren’t heading for school. They had a job: rummaging through garbage heaps for shiny bits of scrap metal or plastic bottles they could sell, and — if they came up empty — begging strangers and scavenging for food.

We are glad to share that with help from our generous supporters, our team in Uganda was able to search for the perfect family member for them to live with and both of them are attending school! This simply wouldn’t be possible without Pulse.

What is Pulse? It’s a community of like-minded monthly donors who know that breaking the cycle of poverty for kids like Davis and Arnold does not take place over the short term. Imagine, children who not so long ago were living on the streets are now safe at home, receiving a quality education. Through giving monthly as a Pulse member, you can play a vital role in helping the world’s most vulnerable break free of poverty every day.

When you join Pulse today your gift will be matched for the first three months. This means that each dollar given before November 30 will be tripled. Every donation helps break the cycle of poverty in the lives of vulnerable kids like Davis and Arnold, and in the longer term, their whole community. Will you join Pulse today and join the collective heartbeat of transformation?

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