PULSE: You Can Help Women Achieve Financial Independence

PULSE: You Can Help Women Achieve Financial Independence
November 9, 2021

Mariam is a young woman in Burkina Faso who was forced, due to poverty, to work in prostitution at a local pub. It was oppressive, unsafe, and her life was not her own. Our partners at CFPC Vocational Training School made a way where there wasn’t one before: Mariam was able to receive training from the instructors at CFPC while they kept her safe from her former employers. We’re happy to share that Mariam has obtained her license as an electrician and now works full-time in her field!

CFPC would like to hire a social worker to help other young women safely navigate the unfamiliar process of obtaining an education, in the face of strong opposition from their husbands or fathers. This sort of long-term investment in a community is simply not possible without Pulse.

What is Pulse? It’s a community of like-minded monthly donors who know that breaking the cycle of poverty for vulnerable women is not a quick fix, but rather a long-term transformation. We know that ending poverty won’t happen overnight, but we believe that it can happen in our lifetime. Will you help?

When you join Pulse today your gift will be matched for the first three months. This means that each dollar given before November 30 will be tripled. Every donation helps break the cycle of poverty in the lives of women like Mariam, and in the longer term, whole communities. Will you join Pulse today and join the collective heartbeat of transformation?

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