Sadig's Amazing Journey to Education

Sadig's Amazing Journey to Education
August 18, 2021

Elias, Sadig, and Frauen were among the first children from the Nuba Mountains to receive an education. The Nuba Mountains are an isolated area that has been a key battleground in the 30-year conflict between Sudan and South Sudan. Here’s a glimpse into the long journey that our friend and former student Sadig shared with us!

Sadig started grade one in 2000, at the age of 12. After graduating from primary school and learning there was no secondary school, he talked with his father and expressed his desire to continue on with his education.

His wise father replied, “I don’t know what this education is or how you will get it but if you want to go to school, then you will go.”

Sadig was not sure how to find, let alone go, to secondary school but he had an uncle living in the city of Juba, South Sudan. He walked two days to get to a phone to call his uncle. His uncle told him to come to Juba, where he would help Sadig find a secondary school.

After completing the return trek, Sadig discussed the idea with his father, who gave Sadig three bulls to sell in order to help him to pursue his education. This was a great sacrifice for their family and showed a lot of trust and faith in Sadig!

Sadig had no idea how to get to Juba but he started walking in the direction of the city. It took him a month to walk to Juba, asking for directions as he started his journey each day.

Sadig completed his secondary school in Juba and arrived at ECC in 2013 to do the 3-year education program. He graduated in the midst of the second uprising in South Sudan, and returned to teach in the Nuba Mountains for several years. Sadig, along with Elias and Frauen, are now currently studying for graduate degrees, planning to return to the Nuba Mountains to open a secondary school.

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