July 27, 2021

I am writing with an update from Enel in Haiti, and to say thank you for your generous support of our relief effort. More than eighty donors came together to give over $40,000, which will allow us to support Impact Haiti right now and in the months to come. If you were one of these donors, we are grateful for your generosity!

Cash Distribution: After the team in Haiti connected with the local communities in Nippes (a region heavily affected by the earthquake) it was determined that a cash distribution was most helpful in their ability to recover and rebuild. Many organizations are providing supplies, but families shared how they need money for things like funerals, fuel supplies, hiring people to clear rubble, etc. So far, over 170 families have received cash to help them get through this immediate crisis.

Water Filters: Enel and the team in Haiti, together with other local organizations, were able to purchase 150 water filters to provide to families. These water filters are essential as the water supply has become contaminated due to damage. After the 2010 earthquake, there was a cholera epidemic; Enel is optimistic this will help avoid another public health emergency on top of the existing COVID-19 pandemic.

Seven different neglected communities are being helped as a direct result of the iTeams Canada community in Canada. We are so grateful for your support of Impact Haiti, especially during this time of crisis.

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