July 27, 2021

Your gift in support of education will change lives for students in like Allison, a current recipient of the Sarah Marr Scholarship. This is her story:

"A few months ago, I was able to assist as an intern for three months in a place called The Refuge. For me, being in this program was one of the best experiences that I have had without a doubt. It transformed my ways of seeing things. Between all of the classes that we had in this place, there was one specific class called vocational guidance. This class helped me to confirm what it was that I wanted to study. My initial options were forensic psychology or something related to physiotherapy in order to help my dad.

Once the internship at The Refuge finished, I was able to set goals for myself, and I discovered that it didn’t matter which degree I pursued. My purpose is to help other people. In my life, one person dedicated her time and resources to help me and my family. This person was Sarah Marr. I see her as an example, and I want to help others in different areas both economically and emotionally just like she did.  

Soon I will study environmental engineering at Amazonian State University. The university is in a city called Puyo in the province of Amazonia. Puyo is five hours away from Quito, and classes are online until at least October. After October, classes will be in person, and I will have to go live in Puyo. It will be a challenge, but I am sure that I will adapt!"

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