Soumaila's Story of Hope

Soumaila's Story of Hope
May 10, 2021

Soumaila is a grade 6 student at Village of Hope who used to run away every time he would go home during the school holidays. He spent his time away from school with some troubled young people in his community, which led him to abuse alcohol.

During the most recent Christmas break, Soumaila’s father saw that his son was different: he celebrated Christmas with his family, he did not run away, and was not spending time with the crowd that used to negatively influence him. His parents were so happy to see the change and wondered what in the world had happened to their son!

Soumalia's parents reached out to Village of Hope to ask what had happened. The school's pastor shared that through Bible classes and Sunday teaching, Soumaila learned what it meant to live and act as the child of God that he is.

We often hear from parents about the behavioural changes that they see in their children after their children return home from Village of Hope. Their children are kinder and more helpful, and many of those who used to rebel, steal, and drink no longer engage in those destructive activities. These stories encourage us in our work at the Village. We hope they encourage you too!

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