Technical Training Will Transform Entire Communities

Technical Training Will Transform Entire Communities
March 31, 2021

In addition to the regular curriculum, students at Impact Kenya-PACE are also given the opportunity to gain valuable skills that will help them succeed in the future and contribute meaningfully to their communities. Everlyn, David, and Robert are three PACE graduates who have received scholarships to pursue further education and are now being trained in programs that will enable them to impact the lives of those around them.

Everlyn (pictured above) is training with the Red Cross of Kenya to become an emergency medical technician, David is studying rural agriculture with the goal of teaching locals how to advance food production, and Robert is studying architecture so he can build and train people to build better houses so their homes will not wash away during the heavy rains.

Everlyn, David, and Robert are just three of many students who are receiving technical training through our Impact programs around the world. We are so excited to see how their education and training will equip them to transform the lives of their friends, families, and communities!

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