"The most effective program" ā€” Reflections on the Forge

"The most effective program" ā€” Reflections on the Forge
March 25, 2021

My first exposure to The Forge internship program was several years ago, when two interns (Jacob and Matthew) visited the program I have been involved with for over a decade, Impact Romania. To say I was impressed is a significant understatement. The Forge internship program has been THE most effective internship program that I have ever been associated with ā€” I have been in people development for over 40 years!

Invest in Young Christian Leaders

Compared to other leadership development programs in Canada, there are two things that stand out to me. First of all, the training that the interns receive at the iTeams Canada office is strategic and focused. Each intern is equipped to observe, evaluate, encourage, and communicate about best practices to the indigenous leadership team at the host country site. Jacob and Matthew were able to be very conscientious and culturally sensitive in helping our leaders in Romania see the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that were before them.

The second thing has to do with the recruitment of a small cohort of interns from a large candidate pool. For us, this translated into a pair of interns who truly went the extra mile to be involved with our orphan, volunteer, and staff community in Romania. They were totally loved and trusted by our people in the host country, which made for a great cooperative effort. Ultimately, they affirmed so much of what we are doing right, but had insightful help for what needed to change.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity to host interns in Romania, as will Dina, our Romanian program leader. When international travel resumes, Iā€™m excited for other Impact programs to experience the growth that comes from an intern visit to a host country.

Will you join me in supporting this industry-leading internship program?

Every gift you make before March 31 will be MATCHED. Your investment in young leaders like Jacob and Matthew will be DOUBLED!

Yes! Double My Donation!

With gratitude,

Bob Fukumoto
Program Champion, Impact Romania


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