Violence in Haiti: Haitians Need Your Help!

Violence in Haiti: Haitians Need Your Help!
July 29, 2021

The situation is critical in Haiti right now. They are facing rising COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, as well as gang violence. To make matters even more challenging, the President of Haiti was assassinated in early July. Impact Haiti needs your help!

Enel Angervil, the local Program Leader for Impact Haiti, says that there are a lot of unanswered questions right now. "How will Haitians agree to a transitional government? How will we cope economically and emotionally? The Dominican Republic has already closed the borders, and Haiti is very reliant on the Dominican Republic for a supply chain of food and material goods. We have the rapid increase of the COVID-19 Delta variant and the insecurity [of crime and gangs]. Will there be more violence in the coming days, more corruption, more traumatized people, more coronavirus cases and deaths, more Haitians that try to leave the country illegally?"

Impact Haiti wants to help families from the community of Martissant and Bas Delmas who have been held for ransom, looted, raped, and had their homes burned down by armed groups. They have experienced days and nights of terror, forcing them to move, taking nothing with them. The majority of these people are now housed in a sports centre and a Salvation Army Church.

Enel's goal is to provide food and hygiene support to 300 families, with a focus on the three most vulnerable groups:

  • Pregnant women or single-parent families with several children
  • Families whose homes have been burned down or taken by armed groups
  • Families with disabilities

Once packed, the kits will be given to local pastors to distribute. This is the moment, Enel says, for churches to show their compassion, their holistic mission and service.

A generous donor will be matching all donations to Impact Haiti through the end of August. Will you give today to help Haitian churches care for the most vulnerable in Haiti?

Yes! I Want to Help!

Your gift will protect the vulnerable and save lives! We are so grateful for your support of Impact Haiti, especially during this time of crisis.

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