Welcome Home, Daniel and Florence!

Welcome Home, Daniel and Florence!
Lauren Anderson
January 15, 2021

Impact Zambia Program leaders Daniel and Florence Mayapi recently moved into a new home they built in part with the support of generous donors like you. The Mayapis will be living on one side, while the other side will be a temporary guest home for missionaries and other visitors to the program. Located in walking distance from the church in Itezhi-tezhi, it has been built against the hill and has a beautiful view.

Florence asked us to pass along their appreciation for your support of this important project:

"Indeed, it looks beautiful, thanks to your support and all of our friends at large and our children. Painting outside is done. Inside all the rooms are painted also with under-coat as we are hoping to paint some rooms with oil paintings. We are so thankful and excited and are looking forward to our friends coming and spending some nights with us."  

We're so glad Daniel and Florence have a safe, beautiful place to call home, where they will be able to welcome friends and missionary partners once the pandemic is over. Please continue to pray for Impact Zambia as there are now cases of COVID-19 in Itezhi-tezhi.

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