We’re getting excited for this year’s TrueCity Conference!

We’re getting excited for this year’s TrueCity Conference!
March 1, 2022

Impact Canada is working hard to pull together all of the details for the TrueCity Conference that will be happening on April 29 & 30 and are so excited as we anticipate being able to gather together for this year’s event. Just in case you haven’t yet heard, this year’s conference will be hosted simultaneously at 3 different locations around Hamilton – Philpott Church, Perkins Centre, and Immanuel CRC.

While each site will have its own unique feel with its own MC’s, worship team and prayer leaders, everyone will have the opportunity to see and hear the same featured speakers and storytellers. We are excited to share that three pastors from the TrueCity network – Bill DeJong, Nina Schuurman-Drenth, and Jesse Hill –  will be our main speakers and will be teaching and reflecting on this year’s theme “RE.MEMBERING THE BODY”.

We are also pleased to let you know that there will be a Prayer Room running 24/7 from 3pm on April 30th to noon on May 13th at Wentworth Baptist Church (120 Wentworth St N). The team from GOHOP (Greater Ontario House of Prayer) is working hard to plan and design a creative and interactive space for prayer, and we would love to invite you to take part in this. To find out more details, be sure to visit GOHOP’s website.

Registration for the conference will be opening up in a few weeks, so if you want to know more, check out our website, and be sure to follow TrueCity on Facebook and Instagram to find out other important details as they get posted.

We are excited to see the plans that God has for this year’s TrueCity Conference fall into place as we eagerly anticipate coming together as His Church for the good of this city.

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