Help Haitians displaced by gang violence today

Our partners in Haiti are providing critical supplies and cash to the most vulnerable families in Haiti. These families have had to flee their homes and have lost everything.
Your gift today will help ensure they have food to eat and they can keep themselves safe.

We are not okay, until we are all okay.

18% of the world population lives in extreme multidimensional poverty.

UN 2023 Multi-dimensional poverty index
Even with better technology, more donations, and overall progress worldwide, many people in Africa & Latin America still live without access to quality education, physical safety, adequate housing, food security, supportive social networks and clean drinking water. 

To tackle poverty, we must address the root causes and take action today.
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iTeams Canada is a Christian charity working to end poverty by providing education and the necessities of life to vulnerable people around the world.

Impact Stats

In 2023, here’s a snapshot of the impact we made together:
People received education
People received relief
People were rescued

We want to multiply your impact so your donation goes further.

That’s why we have local partners in countries where help is needed. That means your donation goes further and is multiplied in impact.

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How You Can Help

Together, we can break cycles of poverty in the lives of the most vulnerable.
Join our growing global community of donors and advocates who long to see lives and communities transformed by the power of God.

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