Transform Lives with Your Legacy

You have the ability to make a profound impact on the lives of those in need. Consider leaving a lasting legacy of care and compassion by including iTeams Canada in your will.

A legacy gift through your will has the power to provide hope and transformation to countless children and families around the world. We are truly grateful when our supporters choose iTeams Canada to extend their legacy of hope and kindness.

Discover how you can sow the seeds for a brighter future by exploring the steps below for leaving a gift in your will.

Leave your loved ones better off.

We’ll work with you to take advantage of charitable giving through your will so that you can ensure you are able to make a difference in your will around the world while also taking care of your loved ones.

Plan ahead of time.

Only 8% of Canadians leave a gift in their will despite many people wanting to make a lasting difference at the end of their lives. Leaving a gift in your will is a way to showcase who you are. We’ll help you plan ahead of time.

Ready to get started?

Download our document to learn how to leave a gift to iTeams Canada in your will.


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