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Breaking Cycles of Poverty, Together.

When you raise money with iTeams, you are joining a community of passionate people around the world working to eliminate poverty in all its forms.
This year, generous people like you have raised money that provided:
Clean Water
Nutritious Food
Rescue from Conflict

Make a Difference in 4 Simple Steps:

Decide how you'd like to raise money, determine if there is a specific cause or location you want to raise money for, and what your fundraising goal will be. Not sure? Get in contact and we'll help you land on a great plan with an achievable goal for a cause that matters to you. Then, we'll set you up with your very own online fundraising page to edit.
Once you've populated your page with a great picture and a compelling write-up about the cause you are raising money for, we'll review the page, then make it live and open for donations. In most cases, donors will be eligible for charitable tax receipts for their support.
Post on social media, call your grandma, e-mail your coworkers, write a letter to your church - get the word out about your fundraising campaign to everyone who will listen so that you can meet your fundraising goal and make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.
Every fundraiser has the power to make a tangible impact on those affected by poverty. We will report back to you and let you know exactly how your fundraising made a difference in the lives of real people through photos and stories that will make all your hard work worth it.
How Will You Raise Money to End Poverty?
Whether you are a runner, a sky diver, an artisan, a cook, or just turning another year older, we are ready to help you do a world of good with whatever you have to offer. No fundraising goal is too small, and no idea is too big - we are committed to working with you to meet your goals and help eliminate poverty in all its forms.
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Current Fundraisers

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Want to learn more about the art of fundraising? Check out some of our handy resources to hone your skills and maximize your impact.
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fundraising course
Take a step-by-step course that helps you create a full fundraising and stewardship plan