About iTeams Canada

Our approach to international development is unique. We do not seek to do the work ourselves, but rather to add velocity to the work of established leaders with a vision to transform their communities.

Our Story

In 1960, International Teams’ founder Kevin Dyer had a dream – a dream that compassionate volunteers could transform lives in partnership with the communities around them. Kevin assembled a team of young leaders who were committed to meeting the needs of the whole person, and together, they set out to change the world. More than 50 years later, their legacy lives on in International Teams Canada.

Part of a wider alliance of affiliated national offices providing leadership around the world, we have programs in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Canada. Our mission is to see vulnerable people move toward fullness of life characterized by dignity, justice, peace, and hope. Because sustainable transformation doesn’t happen overnight, iTeams creates long-term partnerships between churches, supporters in Canada, and community leaders who work together on projects that will, over time, break the cycle of poverty.

As a Christ-centred organization, we value the poor, the church, and the local leader. To learn more about the principles we’re guided by, read Our Statement of Values.

Kim Loney, Chief Program Officer

Kim has lived on several different continents, including North America, South America, and Europe, where she worked to build her leadership skills. She currently resides in Canada and is the Chief Program Officer for iTeams Canada programs around the world.

Neil Ostrander, CEO

Neil joined iTeams Canada in 1990 to lead our first short-term team to Hungary and Romania. Neil now focuses his 25+ years of non-profit management experience on creating sustainable transformational development projects.

Stuart Thomson, Board Chair, Finance Committee

Stuart is an experienced financial planner, and brings fiscal knowledge and a strong business focus to the board.

Karen Toews, Vice Chair, Personnel Committee

Karen travels to meet with community members and partners working on iTeams’ international projects. She brings her knowledge of project status, management, and human resources to board discussions.

Phil Sheldon, Finance Committee

Phil Sheldon is a retired business owner who joined a friend in travelling to PACE Ministries in Kenya in 2005. After learning more about PACE's vision and mission, he served as Impact Kenya-PACE's volunteer program champion for almost a decade before joining the board.

Susan Salib, Board Secretary

Susan Salib is a graduate from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Legal Studies and Business. She now works at Salesforce and consults on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technology. Susan also brings a love for people and for walking alongside those who are exploring their own personal faith journeys.

Nicole Blake, Personnel Committee

Nicole is a Human Resources Leader with over ten years of professional experience. She brings this experience, a love for God and His people, and a commitment to community service to the board.

Christy MacDonald, Finance Committee

Christy is a chartered accountant and holds a PhD in accounting and has taught Taxation II and the tax portion of Introduction to Professional Practice in the School of Accounting and Finance at Waterloo. She is currently a senior tax manager at Deloitte, supporting their development of tax policy.

Barry King

Barry is a founding partner at Strathcona Law Group and an experienced lawyer. He brings his extensive knowledge regarding policy development for non-profits to the iTeams board.

Lorraine Pinsent

Lorraine has more than 25 years experience as a trademark agent, and brings her knowledge of volunteering with non-profit boards to iTeams. Her goal is to see our transformational development programs fully funded.


To ensure financial accountability, iTeams engages an independent accounting agency to perform an annual audit.
Annual Reports & Financial Statements
iTeams Canada requires board approval for the spending of all funds received from our donors.
We strive to honour the trust our financial partners have placed in us by operating under strict fiscal and ethical guidelines.
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