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Providing support directly to local leaders who are living in the very communities they're serving is the most effective way to help reach people who need help. And that change doesn’t always happen overnight.

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Your donations go towards disrupting the cycle of poverty for widows, orphans and refugees around the world.


Inspire confidence in our local leaders to serve the most vulnerable with excellence, knowing that they have the support they need every month.


Your donations go towards disrupting the cycle of poverty for widows, orphans and refugees around the world.


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How a Recurring Donation
Makes a Big Difference
Mutesi was only 8 years old when she was tragically sexually assaulted by a man from the slum community she lived in. She lived with her mother, who was single and the only caretaker of a home of six children. In order to find work that paid enough to put food on the table for her family, Mutesi’s mother had to travel great distances every day.

Feeling unsafe at home and without the money to attend school, Mutesi began working on the streets collecting scrap to sell.
Monthly Donors ensured Jinja Connection had the support needed to take the time to find Mutesi a long-term home while providing her with daily meals, counseling, and classes with real teachers at their day centre.

After connecting with Mutesi and her family to discuss her options, her mother shared that her sister resided in a village far from the slum area that would be a safer place for her to grow up.
Later that week, our partners helped Mutesi move into her new home with her aunt and enroll in a local school.  After moving in with her aunt, she said,

“I'm so happy to be going to school.
It is so much more fun here!”
Too many young girls around the world are living in unsafe situations.
Your monthly support can help more young girls find freedom and hope!

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