Statement of Values


The Poor: Those who are marginalized from resources, power, and opportunities for fullness of life.
The Church: The community of people who are increasingly embodying the character of Jesus and engaging in practices that participate in God’s mission of redeeming and reconciling all creation. In particular, iTeams Canada works in partnership with local churches which express their faith by caring for the needs of others.
The Indigenous Leader: We know indigenous leaders understand the needs of their community, and the most effective way to meet those needs. We value their vision and leadership, along with their cultural and linguistic knowledge, as together we work on long-term transformational development plans.


Excellence: We use proven international development methods and training, we strive for program sustainability by building networks of partnerships.
Measurable Performance: Measuring transformational development requires vision, goals, plans, budgets, and a reporting and evaluation cycle. We are transparent about our shared progress and setbacks.
Stewardship: Maximizing program resources by leveraging investment and controlling costs.


Relationships: Everyone is treated with dignity, equality, and respect. We have mutual commitment to journeying with each other and seeking the other’s best.
Innovation: Engaging young adults in shaping the future of transformational development.
Integrity: We are people characterized by clear moral and ethical choices, and lived convictions. We are honest with ourselves and others while extending grace, peace, love, patience, and humility.

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