Dominican Republic

Brings education, clean water, meals and vocational training to people in Los Alcarrizos and Villa Altagracia, communities with poor infrastructure and employment opportunities.
Our Local Partners
We partner with Lighthouse Projects to bring education, water and training to communities.
Our Impact In 2023
children receiving either primary or secondary education
people receive clean drinking water daily
Dominican Republic
Poverty Issues

The Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean, boasts tropical beauty and cultural richness. Challenges include unequal access to education and healthcare. Approximately 21% of the population experiences poverty, underscoring the importance of projects to uplift marginalized communities and promote sustainable development.

How We Help

Our partners in the Dominican Republic, Lighthouse Projects, are passionately committed to championing the cause of marginalized communities facing severe challenges such as limited infrastructure and restricted access to education. Through longstanding efforts in Los Alcarrizos, they have brought about positive change, bringing not just education and clean water but also hope to this growing city.

Lighthouse Projects more recently has begun working in Villa Altagracia, where transformative initiatives have taken root. One such endeavour is the establishment of a state-of-the-art water purification plant, a beacon of progress that now serves a staggering 12,600 people daily. This critical infrastructure has not only alleviated the water crisis but has also become a symbol of resilience for the local community.

Lighthouse Projects are actively engaged in constructing a much-needed medical clinic, a project that is on the verge of completion with the unwavering support of individuals like you. This clinic is poised to become a lifeline for countless individuals, providing essential healthcare services and promoting overall well-being.

It's essential to highlight the annual Impact Teams hosted by our partners, a testament to churches and schools in Canada's dedication to serving these communities. These teams bring together volunteers from Canada who visit the Dominican Republic to serve our partners in the Dominican Republic. From educational initiatives to community development projects, these Impact Teams play a crucial role in shaping a brighter future for the Dominican Republic.

Impact Story

Our partners in the Dominican Republic have been working on transforming the community of Villa Altagracia. After the installation of a water purification system, a strong sense of unity has flourished among the residents. A notable development is the community's collective decision to donate land for the establishment of a crucial medical clinic. This medical clinic, known as the First Attention Clinic, is now under construction and will soon serve everyone in Villa Altagracia.

Various key figures, including the neighbourhood association and the town's mayor, actively supported this initiative. Upon learning of the search for a suitable property for the clinic, the community swiftly came together to contribute the necessary land. This gesture underscores the trust and confidence that the community has placed in the efforts of Lighthouse Projects.

Get Involved

Tackling poverty is a team effort. Here’s how you can help:
Support the work happening in Dominican Republic by making a one-time donation, or becoming a long-term term donor by joining the Pulse.
Join in the work being done to serve Dominicans in need right now - start an online fundraising campaign or plan a fundraising event.
Get together with friends, classmates or your church group and take an Impact Team trip to serve in the Dominican Republic. The average trip length is 7-10 days and costs range from approximately $2,500-4,000 CAD.