Provides a safe place to live, counselling, quality education, healthcare and food for hundreds of children in central and western Kenya.
Our Local Partners
We partner with Shangilia Children’s Home to rescue, house and educate children.
We partner with the PAN African Christian Exchange (PACE) to provide primary, secondary and leadership training to children, youth and adults in central Kenya.
Our Impact In 2023
children received education, field trips, food and support at PACE schools
children and youth have been rescued from abuse or abandonment and provided a home and education in Western Kenya
Poverty Issues

Kenya, in East Africa, showcases stunning landscapes and wildlife. Despite progress, communities grapple with challenges such as limited access to education, healthcare, and clean water. Approximately 36% of the population faces poverty, underscoring the need for sustainable development and inclusive policies to uplift vulnerable communities.

How We Help

Our partnerships in Kenya, Shangilia Children’s Home and PACE, underscore the paramount importance of education in dismantling the pervasive cycle of poverty. At Shangilia, the focus extends beyond mere academic instruction; it revolves around cultivating a culture of joyful living intertwined with education, particularly tailored for orphaned children. Moreover, Shangilia extends its reach to support older youths in transitioning into successful adulthood beyond the confines of the home, thereby offering a holistic approach to empowerment.

Meanwhile, PACE stands as a beacon of hope for over 400 children, providing them with access to affordable education, healthcare, and essential nourishment. Its impact reverberates across diverse socio-economic backgrounds prevalent in East Africa, ensuring that every child, regardless of their circumstances, has a chance to thrive and succeed.

Pastor Wachira also spearheads an annual African Leadership Summit, a pivotal platform that facilitates dialogue and collaboration among leaders hailing from various regions. This summit catalyzes fostering innovative solutions to the myriad challenges faced by communities across Africa, thereby nurturing the next generation of visionary leaders poised to effect positive change.

By extending our support to these initiatives in Kenya, we not only invest in educational opportunities but also in the promotion of joyful living and the cultivation of future leaders. It is through such concerted efforts that we pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future for generations to come, where the shackles of poverty are replaced with the boundless promise of possibility and prosperity.

Impact Story

In 2008, Elizabeth became a part of the Shangilia Children’s Home community, embarking on a transformative journey that would shape her future. After five years of dedicated commitment, she successfully graduated from Shangilia in 2013, emerging as a living testament to the profound impact of her time at Shangilia.

Elizabeth stands out as a remarkable individual, embodying the essence of a dream chaser and achiever. Her narrative mirrors the incredible transformation that can occur when one grows up within the nurturing environment of Shangilia. Serving as a beacon of inspiration for the current generation of children at Shangilia, Elizabeth's story underscores the belief that, irrespective of circumstances, setting goals and cultivating a positive self-image are attainable aspirations.

In her own words, Elizabeth describes Shangilia as the catalyst that "changed her life and everything about it." The program provided her with the essential foundation to pursue an education and live a comfortable life, enabling her to passionately pursue her dreams. Elizabeth accomplished a significant milestone by obtaining her degree in Health Systems Management and is currently on a journey towards attaining a master's degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Her aspirations extend beyond personal achievement, as Elizabeth envisions utilizing the knowledge she has gained to make a meaningful impact on a broader scale. With a deep-seated commitment to saving lives, both nationally and internationally, she epitomizes the positive ripple effect that Shangilia instills in its graduates. Elizabeth's trajectory serves as a testament to the enduring power of education and the unwavering determination to create positive change in the world.

Get Involved

Tackling poverty is a team effort. Here’s how you can help:
Support the work happening in Kenya by making a one-time donation, or becoming a long-term term donor by joining the Pulse.
Join in the work being done to serve Kenyans in need right now - start an online fundraising campaign or plan a fundraising event.
Get together with friends, classmates or your church group and take an Impact Team trip to serve in Kenya. The average trip length is at least 10 days and costs range from approximately $4,000-5,000 CAD.