Reunites children living on the street with their families and works alongside a local church and school so entire communities across Uganda are transformed.
Our Local Partners
We partner with Jinja Connection to rescue children living on the street.
We partner with Embrace Uganda to provide education and community development in Kitigoma.
Our Impact In 2023
street-connected children were reunited with their families
community members in rural Uganda received assistance through the efforts of Kitigoma Community Church
Poverty Issues

Uganda, situated in East Africa, boasts diverse landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. However, communities encounter obstacles like inadequate healthcare and education. Approximately 21% of the population experiences poverty, emphasizing the importance of targeted interventions for comprehensive development and poverty alleviation.

How We Help

In Jinja and Kitigoma, Uganda, our partners reunite children with their familes, and provide education and necessities to hundreds of children, families and seniors. These efforts extend their reach to encompass comprehensive initiatives such as education, daily meals, clean water, and invaluable community support.

Jinja Connection works with iTeams Canada to address the needs of street-connected children. Together, they navigate the complexities of urban challenges, striving to pave the way for the reunification of vulnerable children with their families. It's not just about providing immediate solutions; it's about fostering long-term change and resilience.

Meanwhile, in Kitigoma, the collaboration between Embrace Uganda and iTeams Canada unfolds through the work of Kitigoma Community Church and God’s Gift School. Here, the focus extends beyond education – it's about holistic development. Through this partnership, we aim to uplift the individual child and the entire community, fostering sustainable growth and positive transformation. A new initiative, the Safe Water Project, aims to bring water filters and clean water to vulnerable families in rural communities around Kitigoma and Jinja.

Your support for these impactful initiatives in Uganda plays a crucial role in extending a helping hand to vulnerable children who are facing adversity. Beyond this, your contribution empowers local churches, strengthening their capacity to be pillars of support in their communities.

Impact Story

In the busy streets of Kampala and other districts in Uganda, the Jinja Connection team encountered a 16-year-old boy who had been wandering the city, facing the challenges of life alone as his parents chose to distance themselves from him.

As the team got to know the boy's story, they found he longed for connection and a sense of belonging. Encouraging him to join their community, the boy slowly opened up about his desire for a home and family, grappling with bitterness from feeling abandoned by his parents.

Recognizing the importance of family, the Jinja Connection team decided to intervene. They aimed to facilitate a reconciliation between the boy and his estranged parents. The journey led them to the boy's hometown, where mediation became the path to healing. The boy, holding onto resentment, expressed his grievances to his father. The team's intervention brought them together in Jinja, mending a strained connection.

In a touching turn of events, the boy's father accepted him, breaking the chains of bitterness. This reconciliation transformed the boy, freeing him from emotional burdens. With newfound hope, he expressed a desire to rebuild his relationship with his father.

Today, the boy is no longer living on the streets. Thanks to the Jinja Connection team, he found a home and reunited with his parents. The challenging journey brought profound healing, allowing the boy to embrace meaningful conversations with his father once more.

Get Involved

Tackling poverty is a team effort. Here’s how you can help:
Support the work happening in Uganda by making a one-time donation, or becoming a long-term term donor by joining the Pulse.
Join in the work being done to serve Ugandans in need right now - start an online fundraising campaign or plan a fundraising event.
Get together with friends, classmates or your church group and take an Impact Team trip to serve in Uganda. The average trip length is at least 10 days and costs range from approximately $4,000-5,000 CAD.